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Here at JP SHEA science is our brain and nature is
our heart. That means we create skincare thats friendly to
animals, kind to the planet, and effective for all skin types.
Banishing away all; toxins, artificial chemicals, and animal
by-products, our environmentally friendly skincare
range delivers amazing skin care results, naturally!

Your path to happy,
healthy skin just
got more heart!

My Story

Having had sensitive skin, psoriasis & eczema from a young age, our head scientist & founder 'Patrick' always struggled to find suitable products to take care of his skin. Existing products were either overloaded with chemicals - flaring up her skin sensitivity, or were completely ineffective in aiding the health of his skin long-term. He returned from a trip to his homeland Ghana, with Traditional 100% Shea butter to help his skin.  

The results were unbelievable! His eczema & psoriasis were calmed, eczema scarring drastically reduced within just 4 weeks, and acne was a thing of the past! Using his Biomedical Science studies from Lamberth College London, he studied and explored the world of natural beauty to understand why these products were so effective - researching, mixing, testing and began to formulate his own natural products. He has not had a flare up of eczema or psoriasis since 2010.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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